Eat Your Way Thin (3 Simple Steps)

By John Rowley, “America’s Lifestyle Strategist”

John Rowley

Did you know that the #1 most common piece of advice given to people who want to lose weight -- to eat less -- is proven to be the exact reason we fail to shed fat? That means all those relentless hunger pangs and guilty feelings about eating is actually causing us to gain more “fat weight” and worse, lose the lean muscle that helps our bodies look sexier, perform better and burn calories.

Think about it... the one thing we’ve been teaching our bodies to do -- fight hunger -- is the same thing keeping it from producing the results we expect. No wonder we spend over 85 million on weight loss (in the U.S. alone) and keep going backwards. 2 out of 3 Americans are now overweight or clinically obese.

Did you know that people attempting to lose weight will try as many as five diets this year? And 95% will fail! That means despite the millions we spend on “dieting”, the statistics clearly show that we are we’re getting fatter and fatter every year. You don’t need an official study to tell you this... just look around.

Did you know you could end this frustration and even reverse the curse of bad diets by doing the exact opposite of the #1 most common diet advice? There is a very simple way of eating that puts your body chemistry back into alignment with it’s natural fat burning function. That means you can cease the constant hunger, go back to eating like a real human instead of a “test subject” and lose up to 35 pounds in 60 days (like I did) without ever feeling hungry and tortured following bad diet advice.

My name is John Rowley, and I’m called “America’s Lifestyle Strategist” because I’ve spent the last 30 years inspiring millions of people across the country to get lean and fit…

And I’ve discovered that it doesn’t matter whether you try one, three, five or even 10 diets this year… because chances are, you won’t drop the weight if you’re making the same few simple mistakes almost all dieters make, again and again.

Just a quick warning: What you’re about to read turns the “conventional wisdom” you’ll find in most diets upside-down. So if you’re not ready to hear advice that you won’t find in a typical diet book or magazine, then this article is not for you.

However, if you do continue reading, you’ll find out the real reasons most diets set you up to fail – and how to avoid falling into the trap. Ready?

STEP #1: Avoid Hunger

Avoid HungerIf you’re trying to lose weight, the worst thing you can do is try to “starve it off.” If you’ve tried this, you already know that you quickly become tired, irritable and miserable. And the stress will eventually force you to go back to eating normal-sized meals.

The problem is… by now, hunger has sent your body into “starvation mode” – so when you start eating normally, you gain back any weight you lost, and then some more.

Believe it or not, the secret is to eat the weight off rather than starve it off, using a simple meal-planning secret covered on the next page.

STEP #2: Don’t “Cut” Food Groups

Don't Cut Food GroupsEven if they avoid “starvation” diets, many people end up following pop-diet advice to “eliminate carbs” or “eliminate fat.”

They make it sound good, but they don’t tell you how to cope with the constant cravings, and most dieters just can’t take the strain of living totally carb-free or fat-free for long.

Your body actually needs a “balanced” diet, and you can’t win a fight against food. And the solution is to enjoy your meals, including your favorites that diets tell you to get rid of – by eating them in the right way, at the right times.

STEP #3: Stop Trying to “Trick” Your Body

Stop Trying to Trick Your BodyPopular diets and workouts based on “tricking” your body by constantly changing how much you eat and the way you exercise do nothing except confuse you into quitting. And the fact is… you can’t “trick” your body because it doesn’t know or care what diet or exercise fad you’re following.

Instead, it turns out that the key to losing weight is taking a few simple tips that are proven to work… and sticking with them for at least 21 days. Just long enough to make them an “automatic” part of your daily routine.

I’ve perfected these tips into a system that I call “Extremely Simple Fat Loss.

And it’s designed specifically to help men and women who have tried every other kind of “diet” – and failed.

WARNING: This Is Not For Everyone…

I’m not going to lie to you – even though what you’ll see on the next page really is the simplest solution to losing weight I have ever seen or heard after 30 years in the fitness industry…

Simple does not mean “easy.”

So if you insist on a miracle weight loss fix, and you’re not ready to follow the right steps to get the results you want without the usual “diet” hype, then this is not for you.

What's Next?

However, if you’re prepared to discover how to stop “dieting” and start making your weight loss results lasting and automatic

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